About bactrian5

Gamer and painter of miniatures of all scales. I solo play mostly but am active in many forums and do actually get out and play live once in a while. Currently I'm all over the place in my painting, a side effect of my ADHD I suppose. The good side is that I have a grand selection of things to work on each time I sit down.

CURRENT GAMES PLAYED; TW&T - IABSM - Victory at Sea - Warhammer Ancients - Warmaster Ancients - FOW - Algernon pulls it off - If the Lord Spares Us.

BOARDGAMES PLAYED; Command and Colors, Ancients - Combat Commander - ASL - Taluva - Shear Panic - Arkadia

Currently painting; 28mm US Airborne & Fallschrimjaeger - 28mm Carthaganian - 15mm US airborne & Waffen SS

In the buying/planning stages; 28mm Sassanids - 28mm Republician Romans - 15mm MAW - 1/2400 WW2 Japanese naval fleet. And lots of 15mm & 28mm terrain

Looking to get rid of; DBMM rule book &15mm Mongols -  WHF Orcs