New Photos | 2007-06-08 10:51:03

I finally have some pictures of of my 28mm WW2 figures for Troops, Weapons and Tactics. I've got the majority of the 70 or so figures based and painted with base colors. My mistake was doing the camo smocks on the Fallschrimjaegers which is taking forever. After the basic troop sections are finished I'll move on the the support weapons and vehicles. The rule sets allow 2 random dice generated support types which vary depending on defender/attacker status and include a tank, half tracks, mortors, bunkers, pillboxes, HMG and an additional squad. Within the generation rolls for the platoon leaders are snipers, bazookas,panzerfausts and Piats. I have some pictures of my gaming table and terrain which I'll edit and post soon. Check out the rule set and support group at;ωyguid=313467622

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