New Scale | 2007-06-19 12:06:49

Just as I'm finishing up my 28MM squads for Troops, Weapons and Tactics I see a mesage on the Yahoo group showing off a new range of 1/48 scale WW2 figures cast in either resin or pewter. These are beautiful and a few squads of German and Americans whould be the showpiece of any modelers and gamers collection. I do intend to purchase at least a squad, if not to build a platoon from, at least to show off in my collection. Check out the links for pictures of the greens and release dates.

In other news I'm making great headway on my Carthaganinas for WAB and planning on next  finishing up a bunch of 15MM Japanese and Commonwealth figures for IABMS. The terrain is going alone smoothly, buildings being collected and painted, palms purchased from a cake decorating company and ready to mount on CD's I think. Next big Convention is Labor Day in San Francisco where I think I'll debut the Carthaganians. If only I can concentrate on one army at a time I think I'll be ready.

I'm already being teased by a few bags of Macedonians and some 40MM Napoleonic Skirmishers from the Perry Brothers.

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