Current Projects | 2007-08-06 18:56:08

I hope to get some photos up shortly but I need to touch up a few things. Latest projects are 1/144 scale WW1 planes for "Algernon pulls it off", 15MM Troops for the IABSM game module for the fall of Singapore in WW2 and a new game for me "If the Lord Spares Us" a WW1 middle eastern game in 15mm from the "Too Fat Lardies"  I've collected WW1 figures for 3 nationalities from 3 manufacturers and I hope to put a comparison gallery up too. I've been jumping round a bit on the painting table because an unexpected opportunity to play IABSM around Labor day at ConQuest in San Francisco  has popped up with a fellow Lardie from Sacramento. So the Japs and Aussies went to the head of the paint queue. I have quite a backlog and glut of figures so I may be taking a few to eBay over the winter. Lots of periods and rule sets which I've either lost interest in or will never get around to painting. My wife and son have both promised to play the WW1 air game with me and when I mentioned to my wife I had to get a solo pratice game of IABSM in before Labor day she offered to play, how sweet!  I promise to get some photos up in a few days.

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