About keeper40k

I am too old to play with toy soldiers, and too young to be a "Veteran" wargamer. However, I am both.

I mostly paint, and am interested in most types of wargaming, although I don't have enough time to play many computer games.

Recently, I have just finished painting a small (i.e., 500 point) Warhammer Dwarf army and some Amazons for Amazon Minuiature's "Amazon Attack" game.

On my painting table at the moment are some Epic Space Marines, some Goblins from Newbold World, some GW Dark Eldar and a number of different resin boats bought direct from Gerard Boom, a sculptor in the Netherlands.

I should probably stop buying any more figures for a few years, whilst I finish painting what I already own, but that's not really likely, is itω

(C) keeper40k