Kozmo's Toy Soldier Parade Ground
Shop Opens! | 2005-09-13 10:03:51
 September 13, 2005

I've listed my first three figures for sale today (pending approval from the web god).  Check 'em out, ye swabs! 
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A Few More New Things | 2005-07-08 10:27:42
 July 8, 2005

Some new scans to Mab's Minis,  some rearranging of  Mitzi's pin-ups, and fear not,  the Mounties have arrived! 
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A Few New Things | 2005-06-24 10:08:32
 June 24, 2005

A couple of new pix added, including the promised hot new image for Mab's Minis.  Boy Howdy!
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Woo-woo, what do I win? | 2005-06-17 14:39:25
 June 17, 2005

This is cool, to be singled out as the Featured Member (and not in a smutty sense, either).   Matakishi, thanks for nominating me!  (Your check's in the mail, Mum.)  I still haven't gotten that better picture of MAB up (but when I do, you'll all want to see it, I guarantee), but I have added some new pictures of the fantasy battle royale that took place in the Alamo a few weeks ago.  See the Wargames gallery.  Tomorrow is the anniversary of the battle of Waterloo, so vive l'Empereur and happy birthday Sir Paul.

Also recently celebrating a birthday was the Queen of Mississippi Rock n Roll, Suzy Elkins, and I invite all right-thinking people to visit her official homepage:  http://www.suzyelkins.com/

You'll be glad you did.

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Freshening Up | 2005-06-06 13:36:31
 June 4, 2005

Right.  Some gussing-up of the style template, a few new mini pictures added, and if I can find the picture I want, I'll soon ahve a new thumbnail image for Mab's Minis gallery.  I know what I want, I just have to find it and perhaps scan it again.  Thanks again to all who have visited and said nice or clever things. 
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"Old Wargamers Never Die, They Just Roll Away."