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About kozmo
KOZMO, aka Kevin Hendryx, lives in Austin, Texas, and is a former game designer for such defunct companies as TSR Hobbies, Metagaming, and Coleco.  He has a vast collection of figures going back to his earliest days in wargaming in the mid-1970s.  Although he plays boardgames and RPGs as well, pushing miniature metal men around a tabletop remains his special gaming passion.   Look for some of his work to appear on eBay in the near future.   What else?  He owns an entire Spartan hoplite panoply. He's a Leo, born on the exact same date as Kate Bush.  He plays the bagpipes, still loves the Beatles and J.R.R. Tolkien, is partial to bears and raccoons, his patron saint is Joan of Arc, his favorite colors are scarlet and Lincoln green, and is married to the fabulous Black Polly, Queen of the Pirates.  Their daughter is the winsome Tornado Girl,  the viscountess of velocity, funnel femme supreme, and you can visit her Twister Lounge:


There used to be more blathering here, but after some computer glitch wiped out my first THREE About Me pages, I haven't the memory or desire to rebuilt it from scratch.

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"Old Wargamers Never Die, They Just Roll Away."