LK's Military Miniatures

About lyektho

I used to wargame regularly with the Singapore Napnuts, but have done more painting and building than wargaming since moving to Hong Kong just over 2 years ago.

The major forces I field are British and Yank in 20mm (Crossfire system basing) and German and British in 15mm (FoW basing).

I have basically abandoned further efforts at FoW since painting an entire Kampfgruppe (I estimate at about 2000-2500 points) and elements of a British Recce Squadron (11th Hussars). The Hussars drove me to distraction since I lacked enough info to properly mark them and equip them, despite access to war diaries. I also find the FoW ruleset incredibly arcane ( I have severe doubts about things like special rules for Indian vs Australian Infantry).

My major force in 20mm is a NW European British Armd Squadron, comprising 2 Sherman Troops, a Motor Company, and a full Support Company. Auxiliary forces include an additional Cromwell Troop and a Leg Company. All are marked as 11th Armd (I fiddled with Guards Armd Div for a while but after reading Bill Close's View from the Turret , about his experiences commanding A Squadron of 3 RTR, have become a die-hard fielder of 3 RTR formations!) I persist in fighting them under Crossfire although the Napnuts approach now encompasses hybrid SL/CF rules which work slightly better for armour (but which I suspect unbalances the delicate and unforgiving CF mix).

I also have 2 US Motor Infantry Companies which unfortunately lack a coherent Armd Force to accompany them. I DO however have an understrength Platoon of 3 Easy Eights and a pair of M36 Jackson TDs so could easily make up a formidable very late (Bulge and after) US Task Force if under the gun!