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About marky1

i'm not a gamer, never really been interested in wargaming aside from on a computer. i do enjoy painting and making terrain/accesories for wargaming though.

i painted loads of 1/72 figures as a kid and ended up pretty good at it. i recently took up the hobby again after getting my stepson some acw cavalry figures. since then i've improved my tecnique, mainly by reading the tips on other people websites and a lot of trial and error.

now i paint mainly 15mm as i'm no good at painting faces in anything much larger, i just don't have the patience.

i do a lot of commission work for a very few customers and like a few other guys on this site my hobby is self sustaining. any money i make goes right back into it.

my current favourite is flames of war. their qc isn't too hot but when they get it right their mouldings and details are excellent. plus you get preformed bases with the infantry and guns, i hate making bases myself.