RTB's miniature quest for world domination

About rtb

Forty years old with a desire to find a life outside rugby! Too many injuries and a love of the miniature world "forced" me to finally pick up a brush. Currently painting French and Prussians in 28mm but soon (?) to move onto Bavarians, Austrians and Russians.........and the Imperial Guard! I also like painting miniatures from the Wild West and will be painting the 7th Cavalry soon. Ummm.

Other interests include wine (is there life without Burgundy?), squash (left knee permitting), rugby union and reading (Gabriel Garica Marquez is god!). Also possess a large and eclectic record (yes vinyl) collection which seems to be very new wave or Beethoven focused. Hope you like the pictures and if you can give me any feedback much appreciated.

Oh yeah, I am based in sunny Nottingham, Welsh/Polish mixture and work in Marketing.