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Friday June 24 | 2005-06-24 12:51:08

Well i havent updated in a while,  nothing to really show.  A close up of a wip chaos dwarf.  Working on nmm.  The armour is an oxidised bronze and sword will be a slightly rusted steel.

Some other news, i am currently having a home built.  So the next two months i will be packing up my old studio, and getting ready for a new one.  The room is bigger and has a walk in closet plus another little closet, so there is plenty of room to store all my crap.  I will be adding another big office desk to my current one.  Two stations are better than one! I will probably show some pictures of the work on the house and the new studio in the misc. gallery, so be on the lookout.

Thats all for the moment..........

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