Stronty Girl's Miniatures
Foals, leopard and nekkid guy... oh my! | 2008-05-31 07:24:43

Added lots more images to the Sculpts gallery - mainly of some 25mm/28mm foals I've just sculpted. The completed leopard is also there, and a semi-naked man (with tastefully placed towel). I think I need more practice at leopards...

And for anyone interested in how Breyer's Mini Whinnies (plastic horses) compare in size to wargaming steeds, there is a size comparison in the Animals Horses gallery.  One of the horses is a Gamezone one (gobsmackingly lovely sculpt!!!) which are allegedly 28mm, but both rider and horse seem more like 32mm to me.

And finally, a few new mounted Apache in the Wild West gallery.

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