My Warhammer Ancient Battles Armies

About twicethecaffeine

I hope you get half as much enjoyment out of looking at my miniatures as I got from painting them.

I wanted to put my pictures up on 'the net' purely to increase the resources out there, if someone looks at my minis and gets an idea for a colour scheme or whatever then I will be very happy.

The pictures are of my Warhammer Ancient Battles armies, at the moment I have Republican Roman (my favourite), Seleucid, Numidian and many single units of allies and hanger-ons.

The painting is what I would class as 'Wargames standard' and isn't going to win any awards but even with my standard of painting a consistent basing scheme throughout the army means a great overalll impression.

The last thing to note is that in order to get these images on the net I have used pictures hanging around on my hard drive which means that they are not great photos, but over time I will replace them with pictures taken for the job.

Enjoy the site