About undead_jon
I live in North London, England and I have been roleplaying and Wargaming for the past 16+ years.

I mainly play Pulp, Sci-fi & Fantasy games as Historical Wargamming doesn't fire my imagination in the same way as the more fantastical games do, though I have been known to dabble in a little WWII action every now and then.

I have FAR more unpainted mini's than painted ones, though I'm hoping that that will slowly change in the near future as I'm attempting not to buy any more rulesets or armies, (that I'll probably never use anyway), until what I've got have been painted/sold/given away in dispair whichever works best :)

Whilst I mostly paint armies, I have recently started to paint single mini's for fun & to see if I learn to paint at a higher level than my current one.  Hopefully you'll see my efforts here in the coming months.