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About vikotnik

My name is Karsten Radzinski and I was born in 1970 in Kiel, northern Germany, where I live to this day. In 1983, I discovered a gaming store in a remote corner of my hometown and bought an old Citadel Chaos Warrior which I painted in Humbrol enamels.

From that moment, I was hooked!

Miniatures even influenced my choice of career, as I would not have chosen Dental Technicianship as a profession, were it not for awfully small things to fiddle around with. My photographic skills are certainly not up to my painting skills, which is the reason why I have not posted all of my Golden Demon winning entries, but I try to improve and they will appear on this page sometime...

At the moment, I extremely enjoy taking on projects that are actually  resulting in games, complete with customized tables and scenery rather than painting just for the sake of it.

Enjoy the pics!

Painted and Converted Miniatures by Karsten Radzinski