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More Wargods photos | 2007-03-24 04:17:44
 Well, just added some more wargods photos... and the first blog update in a long while.
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MOAB preparations | 2005-09-30 08:11:16
 Well, my MOAB preparations are almost complete and I want to show off :

First is a cunning little idea for keeping track of the erratic quality of Italian troops : A sheet steel cored thing that slips under a magnetically based stand with part poking out the back to cover the options.  Anyway, it's in the MOAB gallery.

Second are the objectives I've done up, with an Allo Allo theme.

Third is the 'backstory' I came up with for my force.

Anyway, enjoy!
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Added Buildings | 2005-09-06 06:06:02
 I bought and downloaded the Microtactics WW2 buildings (http://www.microtactix.com/newsite/blands15.shtml)
They do come up nicely, I think.
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Added yet more photos | 2005-07-25 05:52:44
 Added some photos of .50 cal AA machineguns for my US infantry and shots of some games yesterday.
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More pics | 2005-07-02 17:58:28
 Well, I've resized the tank photos and added some shots of buildings under construction.
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